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Equipments detail
Equipment: steel wire armouring machine
Equipment Type: Metering Equipment
Unit Type: steel wire armouring machine
Technical Parameters: steel wire armouring machine
Post Time: 2018-07-09
Main Features: 2 Line Configuration 2.1) Pay-off stand 2.2) Wire guiding stand 2.3) Stranding cage 2.4) Closing die holder 2.5) Compacting device (able) 2.6) Non-metal taping device (able) 2.7) Metal taping device (able) 2.8) Length counter 2.9) Dual wheel capstan 2.10) Take-up 2.11) Mechanical transmission system (able) 2.12) Electric control system 2.13) Safety protection system 3. Technical Specification 400/500/600/800/1000 Dia. of wire( mm) 1.0-4.0 Armouring Dia(mm) 130 Rotation Speed(r/min) 22-53 Armouring Pitch(mm) 106-1570 TapingSpeed(r/min) 185-416 Taping Pitch(mm) 9.7-146 Rigid Type: 24+24,24+24+24, 36+36, 42+42, 48+48 Planetary Type: 24+24, 24+30, 30+30, 30+36, 36+36, 36+36+36, 48+48, 72+72
Usage: This series machine is use for shielding and armoring the power cable, rubber cable, and control cable.and also used for making large steel wire ropes.
Description: Steel tape/steel wire armoring machine Main Features 1 The main gearbox and traction gearbox with Hardened reducer gear grinding process, low noise, long service life and low maintenance cost. 2 The gear box with auxiliary roller support mechanism, high speed, good rigidity. 3 In the gearbox on the handle to facilitate the realization of the right and left stranded and neutral. 7 gear adjusting pre twist quantity and convenient operation.
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