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Equipment: Laying-up Equipment
Equipment Type: Separation Equipment -> Filtering Machine
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Technical Parameters: Laying-up Equipment
Post Time: 2018-10-10
Main Features: Main Component Rotating take-ups, rotating pay-offs or, a combination of both. This Machine mainly used for Stranding Large Section or long length power cable and can produce round or sector cable. It can be used for armouring steel belts or wire and cooper shield process.
Usage: m a x 1 8 6 0 6 6 1 5 9 5 1()g m a i l com This machine is mainly used to strand the large section or long cable, and it can strand in pre-spiralling or non-pre-spiralling separately. Furthermore, it can also be used to armour steel cable or copper shield.
Description: echnical Parameter Specification JPD-2500 JPD-3150 Size of take-up 2500 3150 Max dia. of output (mm) 120 130 Cable pitch (mm) 111-9298 Strander speed (R/min) 30 21 Output speed (m/min) 50 42 Features 1.It adopts new type drum twisting structure, then it is highly efficient and convenient. 2.This machine includes tape lapper, pedrail driven and rotary take-up. They are operated with other machines, so its pitch is exact. The pay-off adopts single motor gyration which can keep rotating with the rotary take-up or remains working by itself. 3.The pay-off is passive style, and the tensile force is adjustable. 4.The take-up adopts up-wheel structure to strengthen the rigid, steady and reliability. 5.It is equipped with multi-safeguards which can be manipulated easily and reliably.
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